Sachiko Kanenobu is a singer-songwriter, who’s first solo album “Misora” (left) is a touchstone in the history of Japanese folk-rock of the 70’s. Light In The Attic Records has re-released Misora, available now. Earlier, LITA issued a compilation of songs from that era, “Even A Tree Can Shed Tears: Japanese Folk & Rock 1969-1973”, which featured  her song “Anata Kara Toku E”.

“Aside from Happy End, the groundbreaking band that had a song on the “Lost in Translation” soundtrack in 2003, most of the figures in Light in the Attic’s new Japan Archival Series have never had their music released in the West before.
But for years an avid collector community has been circulating their work and gathering string on the cast of characters: the enigmatic, smoky-voiced Maki Asakawa; Hachimitsu Pie, whose name (which means “honey pie”) was a bilingual nod to the Beatles; and Sachiko Kanenobu, a songbird who ended up in Philip K. Dick’s circle in California.”

From “The Hidden History of Japan’s Folk-Rock Boom” in the New York Times