Sachiko Kanenobu in The Japan Times

From the June 19, 2019 online edition of The Japan Times: “

If she had to sum up the past couple of years, Sachiko Kanenobu would probably opt for a simple “OMG!”

“That’s what I’ve said so many times, repeating over and over and over: ‘Oh my God!’” she says, speaking by phone from her home in California’s Sonoma Valley. “Things are just coming to me and happening, and I’m just overwhelmed.”

It’s an understandable reaction. At 71, the singer-songwriter is finally enjoying the acclaim she should have received when her debut LP was released back in 1972. For years, “Misora” was the kind of album you heard about through word of mouth: A singer-songwriter record of translucent beauty, redolent of early Joni Mitchell and Sandy Denny, whose creator disappeared from view before it was even released.

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